1. Doctoral Spring School “Economics of Nonprofits, NGOs, and Motivated Agents: Theory and Experiments”, University of Namur, March 25-26, 2013: Link and programme

Sample course syllabi (worldwide, on topics of our research network) 

  1. “Global Governance”, by John Ruggie, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
  2. “Policy Issues and Analysis of Nonprofits, NGOs, and Philanthropy”, by Stanley Katz, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University
  3. “International NGO Management in Comparative Perspective”, by Ann Marie Thomson, University of Indiana
  4. “NGOs and Humanitarian Subjects: Politics of Humanitarian Intervention”, by Larisa Jasarevic, University of Chicago
  5. “The business of alleviating poverty: NGOs, corporations and social entrepreneurs”, by Pierre Ly, University of Puget Sound
  6. “Globalization and International NGOs”, by Laura Heideman, at Northern Illinois University
  7. “Advocacy, NGOs, and Civil Society”, by Andreas Papp, Webster University, Vienna Campus
  8. “The Role of NGOs in Human Rights Protection”, by Antoine Bernard, Sciences Po (Paris)
  9. “Public-Private Partnerships”, by Andrew Kline, American University